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Why does Bluey catch the attention of teen and adults?

“Bluey” is a popular show amongst children, but it also catches the attention of adults and teenagers around the world, why? “Bluey” follows the Heeler family with the two daughters Bluey and Bingo and how they ask their parents to play games with them. The show teaches life lessons about how children should go about life and how their lessons show them how to go through life. Teenagers and adults love to watch the show but how come they love watching this show meant for little kids?

This episode follows the family and how their art shows their style, it also shows how Bluey should keep following her passion for drawing.

Freshman Makalya Penner says, “Blue is one of the greatest shows for ALL AGES because despite being a cartoon about a family of dogs, it doesn’t have the same thing in every episode and it talks about many deep and serious topics. Bluey reminds me of a simpler time and is a good break from the stress of the real world.”

It’s perfect for the adult audience because “Bluey” has jokes that go over a child’s head but it’s perfect for the adults. The show talks down to its audience grabbing everyone’s attention and having very intelligent humor for all. “Bluey ” is also great for ideas for games the whole family can play because the show has many games that the family plays in the show but it’s also great for actual families. This also shows how parents struggle with kids in life and how they can teach their kids valuable life lessons.

“Bluey” also shows us diversity in the children and parents. In the episode “Faceytalk” it shows Bluey and Bingo’s cousin Muffin all on a Facetime call. Muffin’s parents Stripe and Trixie end up talking to each other on how to deal with Muffin’s bad behavior. The episode shows that parenting is not easy for everyone and that they will have bumps in the road when raising children. Muffin is tantrum-prone which means that she has a hard time trying to understand how to share and has to get better at being more kind.

9th grader Danae Limon expressed, ”I love Bluey. It is a wholesome show and teaches things like honesty, creativity, collaboration, and learning through play.”

The show includes diversity with children being deaf having ADHD etc. In the episode, “Turtleboy” a mother and her son walk into the park but the son is deaf so the mother has to use Auslan to communicate with her son. Another episode called, “Army” shows us a child named Jack who has ADHD and struggles to follow the rules while riding in the car. Jack ends up playing with Rusty who is playing Army and they end up becoming friends. Jack can follow the rules in the army and take the instructions very well.

9th grade English teacher Dr. Jackson expressed, “My daughter loves Bluey. I’ve watched a few shows with her and there was an episode about a miscarriage. I was surprised and impressed to see a sensitive topic like that covered in the show. I think Bluey helps children understand some of the more difficult issues that people go through.”

This episode follows Jack who has ADHD playing army with Rusty whose dad is in the military.

“Bluey ” also goes through real-life situations because in the episode “Onesies’ ‘ Brandy, who is Chillis’s sister, comes to visit the kids even though she hasn’t seen the children in four years. Brandy is jealous because Chilli has children and Brandy isn’t able to have children of her own. Later in season 3 a newer episode called “The Sign ” shows us that Brandy finally was able to have a child showing us that she was pregnant. It does not explain how she got pregnant but many people were happy to see that Brandy was going to have a baby.

Graphic Design Teacher Mrs. White said, “I haven’t actually watched an entire episode of Bluey, but I have seen bits and pieces here and there. From what I’ve seen, I really like the show! It seems very loving and family-oriented.”

Overall “Bluey” is a fun TV show and everyone should watch it. The show has something for everyone; it has humor for adults and children. It also goes over real-life decisions and how people deal with them. “Bluey” is the perfect show because it catches the attention of people from any age range.

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