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Nostalgia Meets Modern Music

Araia Worthington
Vinyl Revival in Action: A collection of bestselling vinyl records at a local store demonstrates the continued popularity for this age-old format among both seasoned collectors and new generations

To collectors and music lovers today, the resurgence of vinyl in the digital world is a complete surprise. Die-hard collectors are suddenly crazy about them again, and at the same time, younger generations have also started collecting them.

Several reasons for the return of vinyl can be identified. For many people, there is nothing like having a record in one’s hand and looking at its cover art before slowly placing the needle on the LP (Long Playing) groove to listen to it; it gives that special feeling that is missing from digital formats.

“I’ve always wanted a record player, and a friend in high school introduced me to vinyl. My aunt bought me a record player for Christmas, and the first record I ever bought was Rubber Soul by the Beatles.” said Lily Ensley, a college student, “Vinyl sounds different from streaming music, especially older albums, but it provides an immersive experience. I think people are finding more value in the past, and vinyl is part of that value.”

Celebrating Vinyl’s Comeback: The evergreen vinyl market featuring a range of the latest hit tracks and top-selling albums confirms that it is still loved and desired by everyone including kids.

The cultural implication of vinyl can also be realized by the number of record shops that have sprung up in townships. The majority of these stores are more than just places where one can buy a record but also serve as community centers where music lovers meet, discuss their passion, and discover new artists. A day is set aside every year for Record Store Day to mark vinyl culture; this event has become so popular since it attracts big crowds eager to partake in exclusive releases and limited editions.

“Have you ever walked into a record store lately? It’s not just about getting some music. It’s like being in a community, man. You get to know people, discuss music and at the end of the day take something more than just an album home with you. It’s like the store has given you back yourself.” Ensley said.

Nevertheless, challenges come along with the increased preference for vinyl. The making process is not straightforward and may take a lot of time, which usually delays records thus they end up being costly too. Nonetheless, despite such impediments, demand keeps on rising as record-pressing plants look to expand their operations.

Rediscovering Vinyl: A classic Victrola record player captures the nostalgia and vivid sound quality of vinyl records in full swing. This tangible music experience contributes greatly to its renaissance among both old-timers and fresh entrants into the digital age.

A SRA student said, “Despite the challenges in making vinyl records, people still care about them. It is as if something genuine is needed, isn’t it? I think people like records so much because they are trying to find that old-school feeling that new streaming apps today can’t give you.”

Another aspect that raises concern about vinyl production is its environmental impact because of the use of large amounts of plastic and chemicals. To address this issue, some companies are now looking into alternatives like recycling materials and reducing waste.

“Did you ever stop to actually listen to vinyl records? I mean really listening? The music is only part of it. The crackles and pops are tiny time machines that transport you to an era when life was more straightforward.” A record collector said, “It is as if every person who has ever played the record before shares this moment with you now. That is quite extraordinary, isn’t it?” said the SRA student.

Still, there is hope for Vinyl’s future. This medium has shown that it may be here to stay due to nostalgic listeners and those seeking high-quality audio experiences who have embraced its format. Given technological advancements over time, Vinyl music remains relevant and hence loved worldwide for bridging generations through its antiquated-modern combination in the music sphere.

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About the Contributor
Araia Worthington
Araia Worthington, Staff Writer
Born and raised in Temecula, California, Araia has attended Santa Rosa Academy since she first started school in Kindergarten. Araia has played a multitude of sports including soccer, volleyball, and baseball, she is currently on the soccer and volleyball teams. Araia’s career in journalism stems not only from her activeness and great work ethic, but also a love for reading that started when she was quite young, allowing her to take the stories of many people, and compose it into one news story.  Araia has ambitious goals and a great way of managing her workload, being in leadership for two years and taking the honors courses “Biomedical Science” and Physics. Araia plans to graduate from San Diego State as she pursues her masters degree in nursing.  
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