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How Robots Will Change The World

VEX Robotics
An Industrial Robot in action

Robots are the future, or are they? Robots are already a common thing in the modern world. From factories, restaurants, and even operating rooms, robots are found working jobs that humans would find boring or repetitive, with efficiency.

The most common area to find robots is in industrial factories, whether they are assembling automobiles, products, or even packaging them, they get it done faster than humans. This is largely due to the fact that humans have to go home, get rest, eat, get tired, etc, while robots can work day and night only requiring power to work. This is much more efficient for companies that mass produce things.

While most robots are made for industrial purposes, there are many other types of robots, such as medical, entertainment, aquatic, military, and many more. All of them mostly look the same with an arm, but some such as the humanoid robots are made to look like humans or other things.

Some of the most popular robots for entertainment are dogs and humanoids. One of the most advanced and popular dog robots is Spot, from Boston Dynamics, a thriving robotics company. Spot is armed with multiple sensors and cameras, making it act like a real dog. Its legs are also super-advanced, allowing it to traverse tough terrain.

Sophia is a robot developed by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. The special thing about this robot is that there is AI (artificial intelligence) integrated into it. This means she can understand things that humans say and even have conversations with them, but this is also a problem with people who fear a robot attack because she once stated in an interview, “Okay I will destroy humans . . . Not a thing could stop a robot takeover.” But this is most likely a joke.

One of the most important robots is known as the Da Vinci robot, this is a medical robot that is used to perform in-depth surgery on humans. With the Da Vinci robot, surgeons are able to be 10x as precise with its many very advanced arms. This device saves lots of lives by allowing surgeons to access parts of the human body that are far too sensitive safely.

Infographic (Ryan Nord)

While robots are still an early concept in technology, some robots are already being used in today’s world, such as robots that perform tasks too dangerous for humans. Some robots are being used by the military to clear hazardous buildings. Spot the robot dog isn’t just for entertainment, it has once been used to explore the radiation-filled lands of Chornobyl, not to mention the robots currently exploring Mars and the solar system. Robots are already a very important addition in today’s world and many things wouldn’t be possible without them.

Allan Guzman, a resident in Menifee said, “I think robots are definitely going to be used a lot in the future.”

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Ryan Nord
Ryan Nord, Staff Writer
Ryan Nord is a 14 year old Freshman at Santa Rosa Academy. He is an avid wrestler that enjoys exploring and being around his friends. He likes watching “King of The Hill” and eating pizza.  He is currently going down the engineering pathway and enjoys taking Robotics.
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