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Top 10 Holidays

Every kid lives for holidays. The days when we can get any extra day of school off for a national holiday. With 45% of the year done, I’ve ranked the top 10 holidays of the year from the votes of many fellow students from April Fools to Christmas. The joy these holidays bring ranked from least to best.

Coming in at #10 – April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ Day poster

April Fool’s Day is the one day a year when the world becomes a playground for jokesters and pranksters. The day when not even your best friend becomes the most trustable person and the day when the motto, “trust no one” really comes into play. Or just anyone with access to a whoopie cushion. Not many people celebrate this holiday but those who do, go all out.

#9 – St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day (Getty Images)

I know it’s hard to love gingers but we’ve got to show them just an ounce of appreciation. St Patrick’s Day is that day of the year when many people discover their 1% in with the Irish. If you wear any color but green, watch out, you’re free game. It’s technically the one day a year where you could pinch someone without going to jail, so that’s fun.

#8 – New Years Eve

I imagine New Year’s Eve as like the Superbowl parties but with less football and more weird dance moves. Everyone wants to look amazing for the last day of the year but as it gets closer to midnight, people begin to look like their evil doppelganger. At midnight, a countdown happens and immediately right after the “HAPPY NEW YEARS,” the synchronized awkward hugging session begins. This holiday is the immediate reset button, everyone starts fresh and begins goals they’re bound to give up on 2 days in.

#7 – Halloween

Halloween photo

That magical time of year when societal norms are thrown to the side and people, young and old, decide to dress up as vampires, goblins, and ghosts. Or as your favorite character from your favorite TV show. Houses are decked out in spooky decorations. Children roam the streets, nicely demanding candy while their parents follow mere steps behind. As for teenagers, we actually have a good excuse to scare the marbles out of 5-year-olds and not feel bad about it.

#6 – 4th of July

Independence Day

The American Dream, 4th of July. A huge party our American society throws in order to not only celebrate our Independence Day but also show that each of us has a little bit of patriarchy inside of us, some more than others. Cornhole becomes an Olympic event in each of our backyards and most importantly, the happiness of getting to have a popsicle every minute of the day. Then when night hits, the true party begins. Fireworks hit the sky from dusk until dawn. If you miraculously win the jackpot for best fireworks performance, you’ve suddenly become your town’s local celebrity.

#5 – Thanksgiving

That magical time of year when laughter and a ridiculous amount of food bring your family together. The one day of the year when you could eat so much food and not be judged because you’re celebrating and being thankful for the world you live in. The early morning starts off with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade followed by a football game. Moms become drill sergeants in their own kitchen while you are reconnecting with you family members that you haven’t seen since you were a baby and getting asked “Do you remember me?” every single time. When dinner comes people are categorized into 2 tables, the adult table for all the boring people, and the most amazing table of all time, the kid’s table. Rules don’t matter here, the table where the real gossip occurs and you and your cousins are making fun of the weird family members.

#4 – Father’s Day

Adobe Stock

That day where it feels like time stops because of the amount of Dad jokes that have been told. The day when Dads will sit outside watching with joy as their children participate in child labor (washing and cleaning the cars) or the day when we all sit down and watch their favorite movies or for those, history documentaries. (I’m really sorry)

#3 – Mother’s Day

Pearly Arts

Mother’s Day is the magical day of the year when moms can sit back and relax without needing a reason (apparently that’s a thing). We, children, become servants while Dads suddenly become experts in planning events or buying gifts. For some, it’s the day when people scramble for last-minute gifts. But if you’re the oldest sibling, let’s all make it known that we’ve been planning our gifts since January. Moms get to just live in the moment and it’s the day when moms can come together and celebrate their day.

#2 – Easter

The day was filled with beautiful pastels and we played the biggest scavenger game of the year. As kids, the eggs are filled with candy but as we begin to get older, the eggs are filled with something more valuable, money. Everyone dresses up in their best outfit of the year and you get some of the CEO Christians, Christmas/Easter only.

#1 – Christmas

Christmas is truly the most magical day of the year. The day when Mariah Carey is played non-stop and people are decked out in ugly Christmas sweaters and wearing them with pride. Children write letters to Santa asking for the best of the best. Houses are decked out in beautiful decorations and hot cocoa has become the most “in” drink of the season. The holiday where people smile more, maybe it’s just the chocolate, but hey, a smile’s a smile.

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