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Upcoming Artist: Kay, Okay Thanks

Teenagers are susceptible to creativity because their brains are still developing. Music helps people connect with others whether it’s emotional or physical. As TikTok blew up, it also helped new and upcoming artists grow. Although many artists sing about the same topics, this one doesn’t.

A new artist by the name of “Kay, Okay Thanks” is coming up on the internet. Currently, his most popular song is called “!Narcissistic Point of View!” and it sits at 4k streams on Spotify. As of 2024, he has only two albums out for public view.

Senior Benjamin McCauley shared his thoughts on this upcoming artist by saying, ”It’s inspiring to see new artists flourish in the music industry. As an aspiring producer, it gives me hope and drives me to continue pursuing my passion.”

Sagen Johnson is the mastermind behind “Kay, Okay Thanks.” Johnson has been making music for 3 years but only just started releasing it recently. Starting at the age of 13, he started to play ukulele and make small songs on it. Lyrics eventually started to come to his brain, as well as production and mastering.

”I’ve been playing ukulele for 3 years but I’ve been playing guitar for a year and a half. I also played piano for a very small amount of time, though it wasn’t anything productive.” Artist Sagen Johnson said.

To produce his music, Johnson uses many different software to get the sound he is looking for. This can range from twangy guitars to hard drums. Then, after mastering and mixing a song to his liking he exports it into a software called “distrokid” which is how all Spotify artists release their music. When prompted, you have to come up with a record label so Johnson chose “Golden Eye Records” which is how the eyes on his mascot are designed.

Artist Sagen Johnson says, “My workflow has been altered a lot, with the music that’s out right now. Over time I would have these songs in my head so I would know exactly how they go. First, I’d make drums, then guitar, then record bass, then I’d make vocals.”

“Teenage Romance” is the name of his first album. This album was a composition of old songs Johnson made. The majority of the songs talk about breakups, love, jealousy, denial, and high school relationships. All necessary parts of life that can strengthen someone. The song “Heart Eyes” is the perfect embodiment of young relationships and how they can affect you. Johnson takes a black-and-white approach to love at a young age.

Junior Araia Worthington said,” Listening to ‘Heart Eyes’ makes me feel like I’m going through the feeling with the singer. It’s kinda a cool experience because I know it’s not me but it feels like I understand the guy.”

There’s one song in that album that talks about an experience Johnson had. The song I’m referencing is “Wall Conversations”. At a summer camp that he went to, he and his cabin figured out that the walls were paper thin. Due to the thinness of the wall, you could have conversations with people on the other side. So, all night Johnson, his friends, and cabin mates, were talking through the walls.

Johnson says, ” Fun fact about “Wall Conversations” is that your boyfriend was there in the other cabin. I talked with him through the walls too. I remember telling you during breakfast.”

His most popular song is “!Narcissistic point of view!”. Johnson talks about how he wanted to make a rock song that wasn’t too indie. Although this song wasn’t his favorite, he almost scrapped it.

Johnson goes on to say, “A lot of artists hate their most popular songs. Radiohead hates “Creep”, and Nirvana hates “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. It’s like that but on a minuscule level. I don’t hate it but I almost scrapped it”.

In terms of plans, Johnson plans to release an album this summer. Some of the songs in this album are planned to be released as singles instead of together on his new album. One of the songs called “Cincinnati” is being directed as a music video.

“My friend is working really hard to become a movie director one day,” Johnson says. “ I want to support my friends as much as they have supported me.”

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    Angelina VincentApr 10, 2024 at 5:42 pm

    cant wait to see where he ends up in the future. sagen has alot of talent and is very creative.

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      SagenApr 11, 2024 at 12:43 pm