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Pick Your Poison

Bottoms up? Not if you are underage. Many teens today depend on vapes and alcohol to cope with their struggles or even do it because of pure pressure. It’s no surprise that it is bad for you and can cause serious issues when you get older so why do some teens take that risk? A huge factor is depression and that vaping and drinking comforts them. The different flavors in vapes can entice anyone into trying it, and so can the alcohol in your kitchen cabinet. Peer pressure can also be a reason for underage drinking and vaping. School bathrooms being the hotspot for these activities, it can easily influence students if they walk into the bathroom because ‘Everyone is doing it.’

Relaxed women vaping

Underage vaping and drinking have serious consequences that can affect you now and your future self. You can develop many health disorders including Alcohol use disorder (AUD) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Development in Asthma, low oxygen levels, and increased heart rate can occur immediately when you start to vape. Early death, memory loss, and poor decision choices are all guaranteed factors of underage drinking. No matter how thrilling the idea is, it is not worth ruining your body over it. High school Biology teacher Ms. Perez expresses the damaging effects that can come along with drinking at a young age, “In terms of your brain cells, if you were drinking at a very young age you are killing off brain cells.” Ms. Perez laments. “Your liver detoxes your body and when drinking your liver will start to fail, not allowing the liver to detox the alcohol in your system. You could need a liver transplant or kidney dialysis.”

This is what happens in your lungs when you vape (PICRYL)

How can you quit? A good question to ask yourself is, how much control does vape/alcohol have over your body and why do you do it? Being aware of your weaknesses of the problem can help develop the best healthy habits to help you get over your addiction. There are plenty of habits to get your mind off of vaping or drinking.

Venn diagram shows you that the things that matter the most you can most of the time control. (medium)

A good example of an activity you can do instead of vaping or drinking when anxious, learning to bake or cook is not just a great outlet it is also a great skill to have that will benefit you when you are older. Anything where you have to get out of your comfort zone can be eye-opening and you can discover a lot of things you like to do. If you do it because of pure pressure, it is important you remind yourself of personal value rather than what people see on the outside. Start relying on yourself rather than the label the world gives or wants you to be. Living up to your own standards and staying away from the bad influences that encourage you to ruin your body. Always remember that you are not alone.

SAMHSA National Help Hotline: 1-800-662-4357

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