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Earth Day: Reflecting on Our Ocean and How We Can Help

Ellie Cobb

Earth Day, April 22, 2024

Today, April 22, is Earth Day, a day to celebrate and respect the Earth. This is a good time to learn more about the importance of the Earth and note some things that can be done to help improve it.

First things first, our planet depends on the ocean. The ocean is a major part of what gives life to the Earth. We breathe the air from it and its currents provide us with warmth.

The ocean gives life to the planet. That is why we need to understand the state the ocean is in, what is harming it, and what we can do to prevent more harm from happening to our planet’s oceans.

The ocean has an important role for the Earth. It gives us water, food, and the air we breathe. It is also the home of many marine animals.

With this day coming up, how can we help our Earth? Specifically the ocean.

How is the ocean doing?

First, how is the ocean doing right now? Is it doing worse or better than in the past? According to National Geographic, in an article titled, “Why the Ocean Matters” (Why the Ocean Matters) it informs, “Our planet depends on the vitality of the ocean to support and sustain it. But our ocean faces major threats: global climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species, and a dramatic decrease in ocean fish stocks”

Later in the article, they reassure by sharing their hope in helping. It claims, “National Geographic Society’s Ocean Initiative aims to restore health and productivity to the ocean by inspiring people to care and act, reducing the impact of fishing, and promoting the creation of marine protected areas.”

Also, sea levels have been rising over the decades due to warmer climates.

We need the ocean to survive. It provides us with the air we breathe, food, and jobs. It’s home to countless marine species and is part of keeping our planet alive. With that in mind, let’s work together to help our ocean.

What are some things we could do to help?

If you don’t know where to start or what would be useful, here’s some inspiration for what you could do to help the environment.

High school Biology teacher, Ms. Perez gives some ideas on how we can help. She responded with, “1. Reducing our plastic consumption: using things more than once, or purchasing items that can be reused for example: plastic straws vs. metal reusable straws
2. Set up a beach day: pick up trash at the beach with your friends/family
3. Being aware and spreading the word about how to dispose of chemicals properly and not just dumping them down the drain”

Here’s a list of 5 more actions that could be done daily.

Use less plastic.
Plastic trash causes a lot of problems when it’s in the ocean. Animals can get stuck in it or eat it. This can cause them to get seriously injured or even die. What could be used instead of plastic?

The Marine Diaries (Plastic Free for the Sea: Alternatives to Plastic — The Marine Diaries), suggests using metal and glass (can be recycled), bamboo (fast-growing, requires minimal watering, makes 35% more oxygen than other plants, is reusable, long-lasting, and biodegradable). The Marine Diaries also suggests using things made out of seaweed, like condiment packets (ketchup, mustard, etc.). It stated that seaweed, “can biodegrade in as little as 6 weeks (even in a home compost).” With all this in mind, we can shop wisely and use as little plastic as we can.

This is an infographic of some ideas on how we can help the ocean.

Save water
Using less water will help keep the rivers, lakes, and oceans healthy. It will also prevent less water from leaving the ocean.

Don’t use toxic chemicals
Be careful with what chemicals you use. Don’t use pesticides. Avoid putting anything toxic down your storm drains.

Don’t overfish, keep more fish alive
If you go fishing, catch and release more fish than you keep. Let more fish live.

Respect the environment
Overall, respect the environment. Some ways to help respect the environment are picking up trash, reusing things, and throwing away less trash. Let’s help keep the earth’s environment healthy.

In conclusion, here’s how the ocean is doing and some ways we can help the earth, the ocean, and the environment. We should respect the Earth by helping in any way we can because our future depends on it and our descendants’ future.



















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Ellie Cobb
Ellie Cobb, Staff Writer
Ellie Cobb; a very caring, smart, and creative individual. She has been attending Santa Rosa Academy for eight years and is a Freshman this year. She puts creativity into every aspect of her life, whether it be crocheting, baking, or writing a story. In the future, she wants to go to college and possibly become a marine biologist. While working hard at school and still finding time to give her cats attention, she has maintained excellent grades. Ellie would love to make an impact as an encouraging person and a great example to those around her.
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