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Celebrating International Women’s Day


In honor of International Woman’s Day, the SRA Press staff was asked who inspires them and why. Read their responses below as we celebrate the women in our lives.

Alina Abbott: Both my mom and my grandma inspire me, as I live with both. We have had so many different struggles in my family that have affected us greatly, and my mom and grandma have been the only two people keeping our family standing. When everything around us was falling apart, they took on the role of carrying everyone’s stress and fixing the problem while also dealing with their own. I admire them so much for their strength and resilience.

Iris Alvizar Valles: A woman who inspires me is my mother. My mother is my number one supporter who is willing to always be there for me even during the hardest times. She is uplifting, pushes me to be the best version of myself, and always provides me with a positive attitude. She inspires me because she lives life to the fullest and is very outgoing. I hope one day I can fulfill my dreams just like my mother.

Harley Anderson: A woman that inspires me is my mom. She’s taught me valuable lessons, experienced many hardships, and persevered through it all. My mom mother is the epitome of confidence, strength, and independence. I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have been raised by such an amazing person liker her.

Daksh Bagga: A woman that inspires me would be my mom. The reason that she inspires me is because she has led by example, showing me that there is no obstacle too great. She always finds a way and is able to keep a positive mindset, regardless of what happens. She is the reason I am able to push myself in whatever I do and am able to keep a positive mindset.

Elizabeth Beres: A woman who inspires me would have to be Helen Keller. Helen is still a very prominent figure to this day. She inspires us with her unflinching will and unwavering spirit, imparting lessons that are relevant to our contemporary culture. The biography of Helen Keller serves as an example of how the human spirit can overcome hardship. She showed an unshakable desire to learn and communicate despite her limitations and she persevered. She inspires me because there are people in this world that are more capable than her and she still is doing more than anyone I know.

Jacob Hernandez: A woman that inspires me is Marie Curie. Marie Curie was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. She inspires me because it shows anyone can find scientific discovery and that I can also find radioactive materials and die from radiation possessing.

Trinity Horak: My mom inspires everyday to work hard and become the best version of myself. My mom is constantly making sure that my siblings and I are well taken care of and she gives everyone around her respect. The way she respects others is something I strive for and the way that she keeps a faith-based life always makes me want to be like her. My mom is the person who keeps me going even when I want to quit. She is the person who inspires me because I want to have her motivation and respect for others.

Danika Ivancic: My mom inspires me to do the best I can do. She’s always there for me and is so hard working. She perseveres through her life tragedies and does her job as a Mom. Me and my mom go out every other week and its one of the highlight of my week. She always tells me about all the juicy stories at her work. She’s such a good person and encourages me to do the best I can do. She’s an amazing listener and I always want the best for her. My mom deserves the world.

Benjamin McCauley: Melanie Martinez, a music producer who has gained massive popularity in recent year, has certainly inspired me. As an aspiring musical artist myself, it motivates me to see new producers paving their way through the industry. With a unique writing style and voice, I enjoy watching how she has stolen the attention of so many listeners against exceedingly high odds.

Noah Mossa: My mother is a woman in my life that in inspires me. She inspires me because she is such a hard working woman and never complains about anything. My mother is a stay at home mom and would do anything for my family she is always doing whatever she can to make the rest of her family happy. This inspires me because i want to be able to work hard for my family and be like her one day for my own family.
Danielle Okogho: My mom inspires me in countless ways, serving as a beacon of strength, compassion, and resilience in my life. Her unwavering support and unconditional love have guided me through challenges and triumphs, showing me the true meaning of selflessness and dedication. She leads by example, demonstrating the importance of hard work, perseverance, and kindness in everything she does. Her relentless optimism and positive attitude ignite a flame of hope within me, reminding me to always strive for the best, even in the face of adversity. My mom’s resilience in overcoming obstacles with grace and poise inspires me to tackle life’s hurdles with courage and grace. Her ability to balance compassion with determination makes her not only my role model but also my pillar of strength and source of endless inspiration. Knowing that I have her in my life, fills me with the utmost happiness.
Peter Rocha: Amelia Earhart was one of the world’s most celebrated aviators and was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. In addition to her piloting feats, Earhart was known for encouraging women to reject constrictive social norms and to pursue various opportunities, especially in the field of aviation.
Skye Sanchez: My grandma inspires me. When people try to bring her down, she still remains forgiving and sweet. She is so wise and always gives out the best advice even when she is going through a lot she still remains faithful in what she knows.
Corrin Santolucito:  Mary Shelly is one woman who inspires me. She’s best known for having written the classic novel “Frankenstein”. Her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was a philosopher and one of the most major advocates of Feminism of her time. Shelly’s novel touches upon many themes of familial relationships and grief. I find her inspiring in her writing prowess and personal history. Her book, which has been analysed over and over by scholars and casual readers alike, has founded dozens of different interpretations and meanings of the work that is Frankenstein and his monster. I think she deserves a great deal of credit, especially when her work is one of the most influential in terms of horror-centric pop culture.

Ethan Semencar: A person that inspires me would be my mother. She inspires me because of all of the hard work that she does. This inspires me to help around the house more because of all of the things she does around the house. Everything that she does for my family inspires me to try to do better and more things for my family.

Jakob Torrealba: my grandma inspires me because she built a strong family and continues to be a great person to the people around her. she is a support system to the people she loves and will always be accountable
Enrique Torrico: A woman who inspires me is my mom. She gives everything she can to provide me and my sister with good lives. She moved from Peru to America, super far away from the rest of her family, just so that her children would have better opportunities. When I was born, she quit her job to take care of me and now stays at home to take care of me and my little sister. She always tries her best to stay determined and positive, even when awful things happen. To me, my mom’s traits serve as an example for traits I’d like to develop in the future. I am grateful to have her in my life.
Jonathan Zuniga: A women that inspires me is a voice actor I’ve heard in many great works, her name is Dawn. M. Bennet. She voices so many incredible characters in the world of fiction and is well known. She also voices a character from a small, yet fun indie video game series I love so much called Freedom Planet who I’d love to help expand some day. She inspires me to get really creative in my works and ideas for characters and video games. This works for me since I am not very talkative and can express myself more through my writing.
Leilani Dowding: Out of all of the women in my life that I’ve had the privilege to know, the woman who has never ceased to amaze me is my grandmother. She raised my father as a single mom, working 3 jobs to provide for him and my aunt. As I’ve grown up my grandma has always shown up for me. She would go to all my basketball games as a kid and support all my childhood ambitions. She taught me to bake, play piano, and paint. She actually the reason I love to paint so much to this day. She’s always had the wisdom to teach me valuable things and the advice I’ve used to get me through many things. She and my dad have been my rock my entire life and no amount of thank you’s can express how much I’ve appreciated and valued her presence in my life.
Jessie Hernandez: A woman that inspires me is my mother. She inspires me because she is a very honest and truthful person. Whenever someone asks a question or wants an answer. She always gives the most honest and straight answer. I do wish that when I grow up I have that kind of straight forwardness.
Gray Lee: One of the women that inspire me is my grandma. She inspires me because of how strong and kind she is no matter what. My grandmother was an immigrant in the 70’s- all the odds seemed against her. However, she was striven be as educated and kind as she could no matter what. She had to learn English and get a job, I mean how else would she be able to live for herself? My grandmother attended college while adapting to English where she could. She soon then started a family and was hired as a nurse. During her employment she was employee of the month for multiple years on different occasions and at different hospitals. She inspires me to be kind, smart, and and to never give up.
Anthony Marlow: Leah Mossa: she is very dedicated to school and sports she is really helpful when it comes to helping me with homework. She’s overall and very great person.
Samuel Torres: Well when I think of women who inspire me I think firstly of my Mom. Not only does she provide for the family, but has a amazing work ethic and is very thoughtful and caring. She is a great mentor and got me invested in sports and baseball. With her extensive softball experience she taught me the game and molded me into the man I am today. There will probably be quite a few posts about people and their moms now that I think about it. However it just proves how great mothers can be as well as how they impact the lives of their children and the people around them.
Ema Ulrick: My mother inspires me. She is strong and she is capable of a lot of things. She is able to do things that others may not like to do. My mom is also determined; she does what she has to do, even if she may not like it or want to, she does things if it is important to her or her family.
Araia Worthington: Someone in my life who inspires me is my aunt. She has a Master’s Degree in physics and is currently working on getting her second Master’s in business administration. While working on her second degree, she is also working for a company that specializes in engineering and manufacturing proprietary analytical software, reflectometers, hyperspectral and multispectral imagers, and surface coating products that are cost-effective, innovative, and provide unsurpassed performance. On top of working full time while attending school, she is a foster mother to 2 foster children, with the hope to adopt in the near future She is such an inspiration to me and works hard for everything she has achieved.
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