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The NFL Spotlight on Taylor Swift

Larry Koester

The attention the NFL is getting right now isn’t just because of football. Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift first attended the Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24, 2023 in Kansas City, Mo. after months of rumors that the two had been dating. The relationship caught the world by storm – Swifties everywhere rejoiced in Swift’s happiness while numerous NFL fans denounced the league for the attention given to the relationship and Swift.

As the two continued to grow closer, Swift began attending Kelce’s games on a regular basis, oftentimes with her celebrity friends in tow. On October 1, 2023, Swift attended the Chiefs v. Jets game with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner, and Hugh Jackman. On numerous occasions, model and actress Cara Delevingne and actress Keleigh Teller have attended the games alongside Swift.

The popularity of Swift inevitably increased the NFL views as many tuned in to see Swift supporting her new partner. In response, the NFL joined in on the fanfare and began showing Swift during breaks, after touchdowns, and after a successful Kelce/Mahomes pass.

Natally Villegas, freshman, says, “I think it’s good and bad. I think it’s good because it boosts the NFL’s popularity I would say or viewership. I think it’s okay that they are doing it.”

The NFL’s audience has grown since the entrance of Taylor Swift. People are attending games with signs saying they are there to see Swift.

The amount of views the NFL has been getting has increased since Swift has been making appearances. Not only football fans watch now. Girls between the ages of 12-17, 18-24, and some over the age of 35 have now begun to watch the NFL.

The announcer and former quarterback Tony Romo referred to Swift as Kelce’s wife on several occasions. And the camera crew of nearly every game are said to be panning to Swift more than anyone else in the audience.

While this is all a thrill to Swifties everywhere, many people do not share the excitement about Swift being the new star of the show. “In a way, [the attention] is kind of bad also because people are trying to focus on the game and what’s happening,” said Villegas.

Canadian football player Luke Willson says that Swift’s cheering is obnoxious compared to how Kelce’s mother cheers. He also states that people don’t watch the games to see who is in the press box. Many have joined in the Wilson opinion that Swift does not belong on the sidelines and the coverage of her presence is obnoxious.

Juliette Blackburn, freshman, says, “I don’t really watch football but that would be very annoying if you were watching the game and they just kept flipping to her. I don’t think it’s right, like just go watch her movie and listen to her music. Football is for football.”

On Sunday, January 28, 2023, the Chiefs and Ravens faced off for the final round of the playoffs before the Super Bowl. Kelce got a touchdown in the first quarter and Swift cheered him on. As the game went on Swift continued cheering and the cameras were all on her. After the game was over, Swift rushed down to the field to congratulate Kelce on his win. The camera was on the two and Swift gave him a congratulations kiss.

The argument surrounding the media frenzy around the two has begun to evolve. In the beginning, NFL fans were up in arms about the attention Swift was getting at the games. However, the tables have turned. People are defending Swift and her support of her new boyfriend Travis Kelce and his team.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski says the NFL coverage of Swift is good for business as Swift is bringing in more fans and selling out games. He understands that those who are angry and “diehard football fans” who live and breathe football but, in the long run, the coverage is benefitting the NFL.

Additionally, TikTok creator Robert People has started a conversation about what young girls hear when they hear people get angry about seeing Taylor Swift supporting her boyfriend. According to People, young girls are hearing the criticism and internalizing the message to stay small and hidden. He challenges people to do better and avoid getting caught up in the negativity surrounding the situation.

Leland Valencia, Junoir, states “[The coverage is] reasonable because she is famous and it is expected due to her level of fame. It’s not her fault. I think it could be the NFL trying to attract an even bigger audience.”

At the end of the day, Taylor Swift, the world’s biggest music star, and Travis Kelce, a record-breaking tight end, are enjoying a relationship where the two support one another. Swift’s attendance at the games is no different from any other NFL wife or girlfriend and the 30 seconds of television coverage during a 3-4 hour football game isn’t harming anyone.

In a world filled with negative headlines, can’t we all just enjoy watching two people fall in love and openly support one another in their careers?

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