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How One Man Reinvented The Wheel of 2010’s Rock?

During the 2000’s rock era, a popular band by the name of “Tally Hall” was created. This band has inspired many other bands like Lemon Demon, Jack Stauber, and other solo artist; Chonny Jash. Chonny Jash, or Todd Daffy, is the solo artist that covered the majority of Tally Hall’s music. Whether it’s a beat switch or an entire verse change.

Senior Benjamin McCauley said “It’s fantastic to see such depth to a modern musical artist, especially in today’s world. With popular artists dominating platforms with their simple lyrics and over-abused chord progressions, it’s refreshing to see the proper effort and creativity put into a song.

Recently, Chonny Jash has received a surge in popularity with a total of 105.4k monthly listeners on Spotify. His most popular song is “The Bidding” which follows a different plotline than Tally Hall’s version. “The Bidding” is one of the “harmony” based songs in this album. The album is called “Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium” and it follows the characters Heart, Mind, Soul, and Whole.

Junior Corrin Santolucito said,” “Chonny Jash is a fantastic, innovative artist. The Lyrical Novel Hunt is a special album to me, with its meticulous layers of literary references and wordplay that make you actually think about what you’re listening to.”

For some background information, Chonny is a depressed guy. He separates his voices into three parts which all represent his Heart, Mind, and Soul. Heart represents his emotions. Mind represents his logic. Soul represents the medium between Heart and Mind.

Heart is an emotional person. He’s known for his purple lipstick, blindfold, and white attire. Typically in fanart he’s seen with wings similar to Icarus. Mind is a logic based person with a cold and monotone demeanor. He has a distinct deep snarly voice paired with blue lipstick and black clothing. Soul is seen wearing a few different things but each outfit is paired with his signature red lipstick

Heart, Mind, and Soul in order of which ear they can be heard most in.

The chaos starts out with the song “Mucka Blucka (Intro to Cacophony)” and the song is really “show tune” based. Mucka Blucka talks about how the Heart, Mind, and Soul all have problems. Neither of them will give the other a chance and Soul is depressed but not as much as he will be later. In this song, Chonny breaks the 4th wall and sheds light on how he’s trying to move forward mentally but can’t because he’s depressed and losing motivation. The song also mentions everything that will happen inside the album. Almost like a foreshadowing to every event.

“Spring and a Storm” is a song sung by Heart, originally. Heart is complaining about how the Mind doesn’t listen to emotion and is a cold person. In Hearts point of view, Mind is draining Soul with his manipulation. Heart is discouraged because he knows that this pattern will repeat.

“Night” is about how Heart and Mind are trying to have a conversation but it doesn’t end well. Chonny also inserts himself as “Mothers only son” which is a fun fact about Daffy. We also get properly introduced to Soul in this song. None of the characters seem to have a memory of what’s going to happen later in the album but they know it won’t be good.

“Ruler of Everything” is the most important song on this entire album. This song has the most lore. “Juno” is representative of Heart. Juno shot at “The Sun”. “The Sun” is representative of Mind. In the very first line we start with Heart shooting Mind. That quickly escalates and Soul scolds the Heart. Kicking off our climax and starting all the drama for the rest of the album. As of recent speculation in this song people think this is also where Mind stole Hearts eyes, causing him to wear a blindfold.

“Good day” is more about how depression affects your day. Chonny is suffering from depression and announces it every single song though Soul. Living with depression has had Chonny and many others suffering for years. Everyday feels the same for Chonny. Heart is the representation of all Chonny’s emotions and is the main singer in this song. At the end (if you wear headphones) we can hear the use of directional audio. As Soul sings about how the entropy is slowly consuming him, helpless in his current situation. Heart on the other hand tries to play “ the happy version” which is a facade he puts up as the emotional side.

“Just Apathy” is a Heart based song where Heart is trying to plead he’s just as important as Mind or Soul. Heart is just as strong as the others but isn’t treated as such. Eventually this leads to Heart giving up, “I don’t even know why you(I) bother”. Mind is critical of this and wants the Heart gone for many reasons.

“The Heart Acoustic” is the last song that is solely Heart based. This is Hearts last chance to get Soul to side with him. Heart tells the Soul what a deep, dark, and callous person Mind really is: “Life can’t thrive controlled by digits.” Even though the end result of life is essentially death. Heart wants to make the most of it and try to become “Whole” again. “Whole” is the last character we meet and is composed when Heart, Mind, and Soul all find harmony. Whether that’s in a verse or an entire song. Depending on where you listen you can hear Mind trying to cut off the Heart at the end of the song.

“Be Born” is the first Mind ruled song. This is where Mind can finally say his piece. Mind tries to convey that Heart is the same as Mind; he’s not the villain. Heart tries to play victim all the time and the Mind is sick of it. Heart isn’t special and exclusive to depression but tries to pretend he’s the only one that goes through it.

“Storm and a Spring” Mind is annoyed about how whatever he says never gets considered by Heart or Soul. Heart is also super manipulative and wallows in his own self pity. Mind notices Heart is a great liar because Soul always seems to side with him. All three of them used to be Whole but ever since Heart shot Mind things haven’t been the same. This song mainly implies that Heart and Mind are both the combination of Soul. So they both have control of Soul by proxy, which Soul denies in “The Soul Eclectic”

“The Mind Electric” is the last Mind-ruled song. Mind has his last jab at Heart. Heart causes so much pain and suffering with all his emotions. Logic is the best way to handle all these problems but obviously Heart disagrees. In the entirety of this song Mind just gets on Heart for being a crybaby and complaining about every little thing that goes on.

“The Soul Eclectic” is Soul finally speaking up for himself. He tells off both Heart and Mind for trying to control him. Soul carries around a trident which is his signature accessory. This symbolizes control and authority over Whole. In this song, Soul seems to lag or hesitate when he says any pronouns regarding himself, such as “I” or “Me”. The rest of this song is Soul complaining that if Heart and Mind continue to be like this then Soul will cease to be.

“The Bidding” is the first song where Heart, Mind, and Soul all come to a resolution and reach harmony. Although Heart starts the song by saying that he’s better than Mind, Mind turns it around and says how Heart isn’t as competent as he thinks he is. Heart and Mind bicker for the majority of the song and resolve nothing. Until Soul comes in and tells them both off. Eventually, they both combine into the Whole which is what Soul wanted this whole time.

“Light” is the last important song in the series. It’s also a cover of the song “Night”, which was discussed earlier in this analysis. Heart and Mind make amends in this song and finally learn they aren’t as different from each other as they thought. Both heart and Mind fight for their place in Soul’s light/ favor. Heart and Mind eventually make up and in the bridge of the song, Soul, Heart, and Mind all combine as one to resemble Whole. As their voices are combined you can hear tones of Heart in your right ear, Mind in the left, and Soul right in the middle.

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