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[Opinion] AI Tracking AI; Is it reliable?

Many AI companies have had Copyright cases against them. Many AI uses already-made work to develop, and often copies off of original works.

AI tracking AI is a paradox, But people are using it. It seems ridiculous to have AI track itself, it’s like a criminal tracking another criminal.

Though, there could be some upsides, the phrase “it takes one to know one” could back this up. If you set a criminal against another, they would have similar thought processes. However, what matters is the execution of it.

Many reports and tests have shown that AI can even track human-made work as artificial. The opposite is also true; AI can qualify Artificial work as a human. Is this because AI sounds more like humans? Or is it an unreliable source?

Skye Sanchez, a student at Santa Rosa has had encounters like this.

“I don’t think it’s reliable to track Ai with Ai.” Sanchez said, “It’s been proven it doesn’t work but people are too lazy to check it themself.”

Sanchez is a Red-track student whose work was tracked as AI even if it was original content.

“If you’re typing too fast it tracks you as Ai,” Sanchez said “It would take longer to copy something. if you know the answer you’re naturally typing faster.”

Edgenuity is an AI tracker that qualifies as an AI itself. It tracks it based on how long you’re on the tab, how slow or fast it takes to type, and what words you’re using. If you have an expanded vocabulary it would most likely categorize you as an AI.

“They expect people to have a smaller vocabulary,” Sanchez said “It thinks you’re a robot even if you just know larger or longer words.”

Ai and humans have become harder to distinguish, and it’s our fault. Either the AI sounds too human or the human sounds like AI. Most likely the former half.

Time and time again it’s been proven that AI trackers do not work. In Skye’s case, her essays got flared as plagiarism just because she used bigger words, went off the tab, or typed faster.

Santa Rosas’s journalism teacher, Ms. Cairns, has also tested this theory. She put some of her articles as well as AI-generated ones together. The results were mixed.

A completely AI-generated article was qualified as human whereas something she wrote got tracked as AI.

AI does have some benefits that come with it of course, it could be used to help people with hard Tasks, a good example of this is the AI used in Sony’s Spider-man: Across the Spiderverse.” The learning algorithm was used to aid the animation process, it didn’t necessarily take jobs. It just helped those with them. Along with this, applications such as Grammarly could qualify as AI even if it’s a tool people use everyday.

AI has a lot of nuance to it, there is good, bad, and a gray area. I think it’s our job to use it when we absolutely need to. It’s because of people using AI for work that AI trackers exist, and it gets innocent people in trouble or accused of plagiarism.

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About the Contributor
Gray Lee
Gray Lee, Podcast Editor
Gray Lee is a freshman at Santa Rosa Academy. She is 14 years old. This is her first year as a journalist! Gray takes English, Spanish and Graphic Design at SRA. In her future, she intends to pursue being a genetic engineer. Gray has a plan to attend an Ivy League College after high school.  Her dream schools include Cal Poly University, Yale University, Brown, and Harvard. She would also love to go to university in England. Gray’s parents were both immigrants that came to this country -- her mom is from Guatemala and her stepdad is from Italy. In Gray’s free time, she enjoys traditional art, baking, sports, and costume design. Gray also enjoys instruments. She is currently playing the piano and guitar.  Music is also a big part of Gray’s life. Her favorite artists are Tyler the Creator and Tv Girl, her favorite album is also Wolf by Tyler the Creator.  Gray’s favorite movies include The Spiderverse trilogy, The Trueman Show, and Harry Potter. Her favorite tv show is South Park.  Writing and reading are huge passions of Gray’s. It is one of the reasons she chose to enroll in Journalism this year. Gray has always loved literature and been advanced in writing, so she felt that Journalism would be a great opportunity for her to showcase her writing skills. Gray hopes that she can expand on her writing skills and learn more about journalistic writing. 
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