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Rafael’s journey to California

Rafael Adelan is a well-received student at SRA but few know his past before arriving here. From being comfortable with his family in the Philippines to moving far out to an unfamiliar location he has had to make adjustments in his life while still enjoying the new experiences. Rafael Adelan went from his home country, the Philippines to Florida and finally settled here in Menifee, California.

When asked about living in his home country the Philippines, Rafael Adelan says: “My time in the Philippines, I liked it there. I was with my family and we were just chilling.” Rafael enjoyed living in the Philippines but would soon have to move on.

Rafael’s cousin and him leaning on a wall on Delpan Steet, Manila, Philippines. Rafael Adelan said, “Me and my cousin are very close like brothers.”

While being with his family in the Philippines, Rafael Adelan’s father wanted to bring the family to America for a better life for the young Adelan. He decided to go to the city Zepherhills, Florida but some other family members went to Texas or Florida. While explaining migrating to America, Adelan said: “I moved to Florida because my dad wanted me there so I can attend a school in America ,maybe attend a college here and you know, have a good job, like have a good life when I grow up.”

Accordingly, Rafael’s dad chose to bring the family to Florida to make a better life for Adelan. After being accustomed to living in Florida, His family planned to move to southern California to reunite and Adelan and his parents moved to Menifee because an uncle lived there.

Rafael Adelan posing with a surprised expression in his room. The photo was taken by Lucas Johnson for Rafael Adelan’s new profile picture.

“I moved to California because most of my family was already here and settled here so we just wanna like bring my grandpa from Florida, my Uncle from Texas and you know just get reunited again.” Fortunately, Rafael Adelan reunited with his family in a place he would quickly adjust to and enjoy. When Rafael Adelan came to Menifee, he joined a school in Winchester, California called Harvest Hill Steam Academy. At that school, he met many friends including Xavier Vargas, who now goes to SRA.

Rafael Adelan imitating a picture of his friend Jonathan Cervantes at Promenade Mall. Rafael Adelan was at the mall with his friends from Harvest Hill Steam Academy. (Rodrigo Lopez)

When in speaking about his old school he said: “Harvest Hill was pretty fun there I had like met a bunch of friends a bunch of cool people and I like got more accustomed to talking to people.”

Although Rafael Adelan enjoys being in new places, moving around and not being with people he’s comfortable with has its negative effects on him. Adelan was comfortable with his friend group in Harvest Hill Steam Academy and finally settled in at a middle school he would stay in for good.

He planned to go to Liberty High School along with the rest of the eighth graders at Harvest Hill Steam Academy. He was devastated when his parents told him he had to go to Santa Rosa Academy for good.

Rafael Adelan says, “honestly I’m just sad I guess, cause you know, I had to move from the Philippines, over here, switch schools all the time it’s kinda frustrating, you know, to know people there and switch all the time.”

Despite mourning the friends he had to leave behind, Adelan is happy to have a couple with him at his new school.

Rafael Adelan noticed how Santa Rosa Academy was a lot more strict compared to his prior school. At his old school, students could use their phones and teachers were less strict. He says: “The teachers are like extremely strict about everything you know?” That being said, Rafael Adelan has adjusted to the new rules to Santa Rosa Academy.

One of the challenges Adelan faces is that at times he can mishear what people say. His reactions can seem faked and comical but, sometimes ,he genuinely seems confused. He theorizes that an incident where he split his head open when he was young is to blame but is not sure. He also thinks that the volume of his headphones could play a part in his hearing problem.

He says, “I just mishear stuff all the time. Maybe it’s because like I have like my headphones super loud and so like my hearings like become bad and sometimes I do it for or comical reasons.” Rafael Adelan clarifies that his hearing is pretty bad but he also acts confused for comical reasons.

Despite all of his challenges with moving to the United States, Adelan remains positive and says, “I’m pretty sure that many kids don’t have the chance to travel around different countries.”

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