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Prom Information

This year, the Prom will be held at Twin Oaks Golf Course, 1425 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069. The location is only 44 minutes from Santa Rosa Academy’s campus in Menifee. 

Ticket Information
Ticket Information

As of February 7th ticket prices are on sale;  Single tickets are priced at 90 dollars and Couple tickets are 170 Dollars. Tickets can be purchased using This link.  

However, This sale will not last forever since prices increase on March 4th and April 1st. 

You should plan to buy tickets before Thursday, April 25th since tickets cannot be purchased past then. Event Dress code will be enforced and both students as well as guests must follow the dress code strictly. 

Dress Code
Dress Code


Necklines must be modest and high on the chest (cannot be low, plunging or revealing)

The sides of the dress may not be cut low or be revealing (in the case of halter or one shoulder cut dresses)

Sheer fabrics are only allowed on sleeves, and above pre-existing necklines. (If the sheer fabric is removed, the dress must follow dress code guidelines, this includes the backs, bottoms and midriffs of dresses)

NO cutouts allowed whatsoever (midriffs, sides of dresses or backs of dresses below the waistline). Even if the cut out has a sheer fabric or lace underneath.

Dresses may not have a slit higher than 3 inches above the knee.

Heels must not be higher than

4 inches (High School)

2 inches (Middle School)

During the hours of the dance, students MAY NOT take off their shoes and be barefoot

Girls have the option to wear nice converse/vans style shoes to all events.

Shoes must have a backing (flip flops/sandals/open heel shoes are not permitted)

Any events held in the school gym (Graduation/8th Grade Promotion/Dances) - NO HEELS ALLOWED (wedges or shoes with a non pointed or thicker heel are permitted) 

Boots are permitted for semi-formal events. (Cannot be ugg-like, above the knee or hiking style)


Gentlemen must wear long sleeved collared dress shirts ~ Prom & Winter Formal ONLY

(Short sleeved or collarless shirts will not be permitted to formal events)

  • Button-up shirts must remain buttoned for the duration of the event.
  • Gentlemen must wear slacks
  • No shorts, joggers, Dickies, jeans (5 pocket pants), sagging or tight fitting pants.
  • Students cannot wear flip flops. Vans & Converse style  shoes are acceptable.  (must be in good condition) 
  • For formal events, gentlemen are encouraged to wear blazers, ties/bow ties and dress shoes.
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